I’m Dan McLean Jr, and I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. As a live audio professional of 40 years, I’ve “mixed” for musical artists of every genre, for theatrical productions, and for corporate events of every size and description. I’m also a hobby magician, and was a counsellor & instructor at the Sorcerers Safari magic camp.

Whenever I attend a magic event, I’m swamped with questions about audio, wireless, and even stage lighting, and I’m always happy to help, In speaking with magicians, though, it’s become pretty clear that there’s a lot of misinformation in the magic community concerning stage technology. As with magic, the skill necessary to provide audio & lighting services for a stage show is immense! A qualified audio or lighting technician has years of experience, and many have university degrees or college diplomas in their field.

I created this site in 2003 to try to ‘pay it forward’ because so many magicians had helped me with magic.  What I can try to present here is the most basic & correct bits of knowledge & skill, but I’ll attempt to present it in a very succinct & efficient manner so that you can substantially improve the quality of your magic show.

Thanks for your interest!